Running a Successful 1-800-Radiator & A/C Franchise

Operating a franchise offers numerous benefits for business professionals wanting to run their own business. Franchisees benefit from buying into an existing company that already has its foot in the door and a business model that works.

1-800-Radiator and A/C is a leading automotive parts distributor and one of the fastest growing franchise companies in the automotive industry. 1-800-Radiator and A/C franchises have a competitive advantage over competitors within their local markets. The company utilizes an exclusive software system that allows them to maintain the highest quality inventory and have the right products in stock when a customer calls.

According to Edgar Rodriguez, of Warehouses #421 and #587, keeping inventory in stock is key to closing more sales. “Not adequately investing will lead you to lose out on sales,” he said.

Mark Dragoo, of Warehouse #579, says adding new product lines makes you a more valuable shop to a customer. “When you carry more parts, you give more opportunities to call you instead of the competitor,” Dragoo said.

In addition to maintaining a strong inventory, building customer relationships is another key factor if you want to be successful.

“I want to continually reinforce who we are to customers and let them know we’re always here to help,” Dragoo explained. “By sharing our success with them, we’re letting them know why they should be doing business with us.”

“Our business is such a repeat oriented business that those customer relationships are so important,” said Rodriguez.

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